Video Media Group for (mobile) video advertisers

Dutch Video Media Group now introduces for (mobile) web publishers and online video advertisers a unique and highly innovative mobile internet video advertising solution called: InPageVideo Mobile.

This unique responsive format has been developed specifically for mobile publisher websites or apps that are based on HTML5 technology, and that are visited by tablet and smartphone users. InPageVideo Mobile functions and displays itself similar to our regular InPageVideo for desktop browsers. As soon as a webpage visitors scrolls down, the InPageVideo commercial appears.

InPageVideoMobileclick- to-play

Our new InPageVideo Mobile format is a click-to-play version that can only be activated by the webpage visitor when tapping on the PLAY button.

And only because of using click-to-play, we can guarantee publishers and advertisers that all mobile video campaigns will display simultaneously and identically across all current mobile devices and browsers systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry). On smartphones the video commercial will play in the device’s native player, thus providing for a rich, fullscreen video user experience.

Tablets will allow for regular InPageVideo display (see here for our demo section) within our VMG Player.

Our VMG Player is fully responsive and adjust itself to the requirements per each specific publisher’s web page. It also auto-adjust itself when the mobile device is turned from vertical to landscape imageposition and vice versa.

In all cases, the mobile webpage visitor deliberately self-activates the video commercial to start playing. This will result in the generation of high level engagement video commercial views. And because of our advanced technology we can guarantee advertisers 100% view-through ratios. In order to generate even more click-through volumes, we can add a post-visual to the video-commercial that will appear and stay on the screen after the commercial has run.

3 good reasons for engaging with InPageVideo Mobile click-to-play video campaigns:

* iOS currently does not allow for mobile video auto-play, as opposed to Android. In case of auto-play campaign preferences, as a consequence we will have to excluded iPhones and iPads users.

In addition, due to our in-depth know how of online video technology and our vast experience with video advertising-campaigns, we can offer publishers, advertisers and agencies alike much additional value to the execution of online (mobile) video campaigns (interactivity, addition of social-media functions, customizations, campaign management and optimization and so on).


Online video campaigns can be measured in various ways and on several levels. These measurements giveboth publishers and advertisers full insight in the viewer’s behavior as we measure:

Naturally 3rd party tracking is also possible. All statistics are real time available through our campaign dashboard. We provide any support needed by the agency and advertiser.

VMG Network

The (NL) VMG Network consists of premium publishers only. Merged into a powerful reach of (local) audiences and premium editorial environments.

Video ad advertisers now finally have access to their desired, specific targeted quality audiences with previously non accessible premium publishers.

And this is exactly where we truly differ from low-end end mass inventory offered by most global video networks.

Of course we are fully compliant with all existing (IAB) video-formats such as VAST2, vpaid etc. And we also comply with most (if not all) known ad server systems used by publishers and media buying agencies.